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Bost Machine Tools Company

Offering a comprehensive service through their design, manufacturing and installation of heavy duty precision machine tools, Bost’s innovative products give clients a highly flexible and personalised service. Comprising of Bost Machine Tools Company, Bostek Innovation and Bost Machine Tools Company Beijing, The Bost Group are experts in providing tools which are designed with flexibility in mind; able to be adapted to suit the customer’s desired requirements. As well as their innovative products, Bost also offers unique services, installations and training. Thanks to Bostek Innovation’s emphasis on R&D and the wide range of products they provide, Bost’s comprehensive approach and advanced products makes them one of the best in the business.

Niles-Simmons - The NSH Group

A member of The NSH Group, Niles-Simmons principle objective is to design, develop, manufacture and sell exceptional quality machine tools that are characterised by innovative technologies to provide tailor-made solutions suited to the clients’ needs. By fully focusing on the customers’ requirements and ensuring the best quality standards of materials, Niles-Simmons implements efficient production processes to provide outstanding solutions built for long lasting success. Their modular machine design and standard building block system ensures maximum flexibility and highly accurate precision with utmost reliability guaranteed. Benefiting from years of experience and professional know-how in machine tool construction, Niles-Simmons are one of the most renowned companies in the industry.