Waldrich Siegen

As a brand, Waldrich Siegen is acclaimed for producing the world's largest turning centre with a 7m swing and turning length of 30m capable of accommodating parts up to 500 tonnes. Introducing the Waldrich Siegen brand to MACH for the first time, McDowell Machining Technologies will be highlighting the range of machines that encompass everything from milling, turning, vertical turning, turn/mill centres,

grinding and boring machines. The Waldrich Siegen ProfiMill series of portal milling machines will be introduced at MACH and with a fixed or movable cross rail, the ProfiMill is available with a clearance between the columns from 3 to 14m with a clearance from the table or floor plate to the spindle nose of 2 to 12m with table width from 2.5 to 8m with a length of 5m. If the dimensions appear incomprehensible, the choice of three milling units and their power will certainly resonate with engineers. The robust ProfiMill can be specified with the MR450, MR550 and the MR600 spindle units that provide 38 to 140kW of power with torque from 2750 to 11,000Nm and spindle speeds from 2,500 to 6,000rpm.


Complementing the ProfiMill range is a selection of Union floor, planer, table and compact boring machines that are offered with a seemingly endless list of options to tailor the machines to the customer requirements. The Union machines guarantee the efficient machining of workpieces with a length up to 40m and a height up to 10m with a weight of up to 250 tonnes. Not everything in the Waldrich Siegen range from McDowell Machining Technologies has unfathomably large dimensions, as the TM125 table-type compact boring mill demonstrates. This foundation-free compact boring mill for the effective and cost-efficient machining of workpieces up to 10 tonnes with a set-up area of up to 2.5 by 2 by 1.6m combines the advantages of a table-type boring mill with those of a compact machining centre. Despite the size of the TM125 and the similarly sized KG precision series of boring mills; precision, stability and repeatability is assured. The KG range demonstrates positional accuracy of less than 8microns.


Already acclaimed as the manufacturer of the world’s largest turning centre, the Waldrich Siegen range of ProfiTurn H (horizontal), ProfiTurn V (vertical) and ProfiTurn M mill/turn centres from McDowell Machining Technologies set this company apart from its rivals. Designed for maximum performance, the ProfiTurn H can also be specified as a turn/mill centre to reduce set-ups and improve productivity and flexibility for customers. The ProfiTurn H provides the highest level of accuracy, reliability and performance that enables high quality and economic machining of complex workpieces. The rugged design demonstrates maximum stiffness of the overall machine structure, and the range is equipped with hydrostatic guideways in all linear axes to provide high, wear-free operation along with excellent damping

characteristics. From a power perspective, the H series delivers up to 500kW of power with 400,000Nm of torque. Despite the ability to support workpieces up to 7m diameter and 30m long, the H Series retains a concentricity of up to 5 microns – truly amazing for components of such size.


For more complicated components that demand milling capacity, the ProfiTurn M series has been designed specifically for the complete machining of complex, rotationally symmetrical workpieces. Turning and milling units, as well as boring and grinding units, can be attached to the master head interface located on the milling tower. The result is the highest efficiency, as all stages of the machining process are performed on a single machine, eliminating multiple set-ups that are both elaborate and costly. Whether turbine or generator rotors or heavy forged parts – the ProfiTurn M has been developed for the precise and efficient machining of demanding workpieces with a diameter up to 4.2m, a length of 25m with a maximum workpiece weight from 20 and 250 tonnes. The machine is characterised by an overall concept that is operator and maintenance-friendly and also energy efficient.


Completing the turning line-up is the ProfiTurn V vertical lathe that excels in precision, efficiency and reliability. The ProfiTurn V lathe stands out from its competitors due to its uncompromising precision and performance. The ability to integrate a variety of technologies allows for the highly flexible machining of complex workpieces. The fully hydrostatic design in all main axes guarantees the ultimate in cutting performance and accuracy. With the facility to accept parts up to 500 tonnes with maximum turning dimensions of 13m diameter by 11m high, the ProfiTurn V has a rotary table power of 300kW with 560,000Nm torque and ram travel of 4m. Whilst the Waldrich Siegen brand is the ideal solution for heavy manufacturing sectors such as the offshore and wind energy, power generation, mining, engine manufacturers and the steel making industries, the smaller more agile Niles-Simmons brand will also be presented at MACH with a host of automotive and aerospace demonstration components that will highlight the flexibility, precision and scale of what is possible with these incredible machines.