N Series
N Series
N Series

N Series

The N Series by Niles-Simmons offers modular machines to provide efficient turning operations for work materials in sizes up to 1,250mm swing diameter and at a turning length of up to 7,500mm. The Niles-Simmons N Series offers enhanced productivity and accuracy provided by tailor made process applications with minimised down time thanks to their high acceleration and rapid axis feed rates.


The smallest in the Niles-Simmons N Series, the N10 offers in-process and post-process gauging strategies. The modular machine design provides 2-axis and 4-axis shaft or chuck-work machining with pick-up double spindle structure featuring CNC control type and for efficient production, high precision accuracy and thermal stability.


With reduced power consumption thanks to the use of power-efficient components and optimised mechatronic components, the N20 offers the latest advanced technologies to provide 2-axis and 4-axis shaft or chuck-work machining with pick-up spindle. With turning-length variants of up to 3000mm for long shafts, the automatic loading and unloading gantry increases productivity and efficiency.


The N30 features many technical options for increased productivity and efficiency, such as two independent NC-steady rests, lower tool slide, optional left and right turning spindles and turning lengths of up to 4500mm for flexible shaft machine with one or two tool turrets. The N30 also offers unique process combinations, including turning/cam profiling, turning/keyway machining and turning/drilling/milling with driven tool spindles.


The N40 offers customised machining for various work load types. Fully adaptable with automatic operation with tool changers for the left and right turrets, the N40 provides free access to the working area, crane or gantry loading area without obstruction.


The largest size available in the N Series by Niles-Simmons, the N50 provides heavy duty turning operations with turret or mono-block tools as well as internal machining with boring quill. The N50 offers precision machining with integral gauging concept and thermal compensation to increase work productivity.

Series Specification

Technical specifications Unit N10 N20 N30 N40 N50
Nominal length mm 900/1300 1000/1500/2000/2500/3000/3500 1500/2000/2500/3200/4500 2000/3000/4500/6000 2000/3000/4500/6000/7500
Swing over cross slide guide mm 560 650 780 820/920 1250
Work spindle bore mm 54 92/105 123 160 160/225
Speed range rpm 0..5000/0..6000 0..3800/0..2000 10..2000/10..3000/10..2000/10..3000 10..2430/10..1750/0..1944 10..1400/10..1244/0.888
Tool positions   12 12 12/16 12 12
Quill diameter mm 110 140 150 180 195/240