The VTL CY Series features a dynamic range of machines providing a double column lathe with longitudinal ‘Y’ axis for heavy-duty turning operations. With CNC control and vertical spindle orientation, the VTL CY Series offers a unique approach to machining technologies to consistently ensure exceptional performance time and time again.

VTL 60 CY 4.000

Bost’s VTL 60 CY 4.000 is a multi-tasking vertical turning machine, effective for parts that would normally be turned on a vertical lathe and then milled on a horizontal boring machine. A distinguishing feature of the VTL 60 CY 4.000 is its Y-axis table travel which is uncommon for most vertical lathes with live tooling. The VTL 60 CY 4.000 also provides automatically interchangeable heads to enable both turning and top- and side-milling operations.

VTL 65 CY 4.500

The VTL 65 CY 4.500 features a robust, cast iron structure design for vibration dampening. With a maximum turning diameter of 6.500mm and maximum table speed of 100min-1, the VTL 65 CY 4.500 also offers high chip removal capacity and hydrostatic guideways on the ‘C’, ‘X’, 'Y' and ‘Z’ axis.

VTL 65 CY 5.000

The largest of the VTL CY Series, the VTL 65 CY 5.000 offers a wider range of technical specifications for larger workload applications. With a maximum rotational speed of 4000rpm and power reaching 119kW, the VTL 65 CY 5.000 provides reliable and efficient solutions.

Series Specification

Technical specifications Unit VTL 60 CY 4.000 VTL 65 CY 4.500 VTL 65 CY 5.000
'X' travel mm 8000 8000 8000
'Y' travel mm 5300/9100 5300/9100 5300/9100
'Z' travel mm 1500/3000 1500/3000 1500/3000
Rotational speed RPM 4000 4000 4000
Power kW 63/119 63/119 63/119
Spindle orientation - Vertical Vertical Vertical