The multipurpose 5-axis DynaForce series by Bost allows for a variety of combination manufacturing processes such as milling, turning and drilling in rotary and linear axis as well as grinding and boring. Featuring octagonal thermo-symmetrical design and providing technical flexibility for use with complex machining materials, the DynaForce series can also be equipped with a range of additional accessories such as milling heads, measuring devices and tool probe systems.

DynaForce 16 VTF CY

The DynaForce 16 VTF CY provides dynamic machining with the latest technology advancements to offer outstanding precision levels and a high range of flexibility. The DynaForce 16 VTF CY has a maximum turning diameter of up to 1.600mm and table diameter of 1.250/1.400mm, with a max table load of up to 6 tonnes. The DynaForce 16 VTF CY also features TK 1150-150 direct drive motor and milling speed of 5.000 min-1.

DynaForce 25 VTF CY

The largest in the DynaForce series, the DynaForce 25 VTF CY features a vertical spindle with CNC control type for efficient production and high precision accuracy. Ideal for larger applications, the DynaForce 25 VTF CY features a table diameter of 2000/2.200mm, max turning diameter of 2.500 and TK 1340-160 direct drive motor.

Series Specification

Technical specifications Unit DynaForce 16 DynaForce 25
Table diameter mm 1.250/1.400 2.000/2.200
Maximum turning diameter mm 1.600 2.500
Distance between columns mm 1.550 2.150
Maximum load on the table kg 6.000 10.000
Turning power (S1, 100%) kW 75 85
Turning torque (S1, 100%) Nm 15.000 18.200
Torque system table speed min-1 400/350 300/275
Turning height (Fixed crossrail) mm 1.500 1.500
X, Y, Z working feeds mm/min 45.000 45.000
X, Y, Z acceleration m/s 5 5
RAM section mm 360x360 360x360
RAM stroke, Z axis mm 1.500 1.500
Longitudinal stroke, Y axis mm +1.000/-750 +1.500/-1.000
Milling power (S1, 100% kW 63 63
Milling torque (S1, 100%) Nm 2.150 2.150
Milling speed min-1 5.000 5.000