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The Aerospace industry is a rapidly evolving market where safety, durability and light-weighting are driving the sector towards new high cost materials with increasingly low levels of machineability.

McDowell Machining Technologies specialises in a diverse range of industry leading machine tool solutions within the civil and military aerospace sector. We’ve developed machines & processes for complex core components including actuators, turbine shafts, disks & blisks, landing gears and casings.

Our high precision machine tools for the aerospace industry uses the latest turning and milling technology combined with value adding capabilities such as – grinding, bottle boring, ejector drilling, gun drilling, power skiving, in-process measurement & calibration, process control & adaptive control to allow for full closed-door solutions that meet with industry standards.

Some of our machine tool solutions include;

Landing Gears TBI Gap, T4H, T5H, N40MC, N50MC, N60MC
Casings Nmill, Dynaforce
Shafts and Disks N30MC, N40MC
Actuators M20MC, M30MC
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