At McDowell Machining Technologies, we provide a wide range of custom services, from retrofit and refurbishment to breakdown service, maintenance and relocation.
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  • Relocation

    With extensive experience in lifting, transporting and installing machine tools, our team can provide you with a number of relocation services with our skills, knowledge and resources. Our relocation services include site survey, service contracts, geometry checks and preventative maintenance.

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  • Maintenance

    Our specialist team can carry out onsite maintenance, repairs and improvements to your existing machine tools. As well as onsite maintenance services, we can also advise clients on ways to improve production processes to help reduce costs and maintain production levels.

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  • Breakdown Service

    With our breakdown service, our specialist team can provide professional onsite support to get your machines back up and running. With our range of support services, our fully trained and experienced team can effectively diagnose and fix your machine tools; whether that includes mechanical, electrical or hydraulic faults.

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  • Retrofit & Refurbishment

    Our retrofit and refurbishment service is the ideal option if your current machines are in need of an upgrade, but your budget is limited. Our expert team’s retrofit and refurb service can enhance machine performance and productivity at a fraction of the cost than what it would be to buy a new machine.

    At McDowell, we can retrofit your existing machine tools with the latest advancements to bring you up to speed with newer technologies and generate increased performance and productivity. This cost-effective approach has been proven to make significant impacts in growth for customers looking to refresh rather than replace their machine tools.

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