Renowned for high levels of productivity, precision and reliability, the newly developed Bostram series by Bost offers truly exceptional performance. This travelling column, floor-type boring and milling machine is manufactured using some of the most advanced technology available. As well as providing high levels of precision, reliability and productivity, the Bostram series also offers flexible configuration.

Bostram 5.000

The Bostram 5.000 is a state of the art boring and milling machine. The smaller size featured within the Bostram series, the Bostram 5.000 offers outstanding execution with 510x450 ram section, hydrostatic guides and many more additional features.

Bostram 6.000

The Bostram 6.000 offers exceptional levels of accuracy and functionality, with features including a maximum rotation speed of up to 3.500min-1, 3 guide x-axis, hydrostatic guides and a maximum boring spindle diameter of 200mmkW.

Bostram 7.000

The largest of the series and ideal for larger, heavy-duty style applications, the Bostram 7.000 offers a wider range of functionality with up to 4 spindle gear ranges, 3 guide x-axis bed and a maximum boring spindle diameter of up to 260mmkW.

Series Specification

Technical specifications Unit Bostram 5.000 Bostram 6.000 Bostram 7.000
Boring spindle diameter mm 160/180 160/180 200/225/260
Vertical 'Y' axis mm 3.500/4.000/4.500/5.000 4.500/5.000/5.500/6.000 5.000/5.500/6.000/6.500/7.000
Longitudinal 'X' axis mm 4.000 + N x 1.000 4.000 + N x 1.000 4.000 + N x 1.000
RAM section mm 450x510 450x510 500x550
RAM stroke 'Z' axis mm 1.000/1.300 1.300/1.500 1.500/1.700
Spindle stroke 'W' axis mm 1.000/1.200 1.000/1.200 1.200/1.500
Max. spindle power (S1, 100%) kW 89 115 145
Max. spindle torque (S1, 100%) Nm 8040 15350 30.330
Max. spindle speed min-1 3500 3500 2.200
Rapid feeds (X, Y, Z & W) mm/min 15.000/25.000 15.000/25.000 15.000/25.000
Type of guides (X, Y & Z)   Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic