VTH Series
VTH Series

VTH Series

The VTH Series by Bost consists of CNC control with vertical spindle, available with 3, 4, 5 and 6-axis across the range. Ideal for heavy duty, oversized, large part work, the single column VTH series offers high-precision, productivity and capacity to consistently ensure maximum performance levels can be achieved.

VTH Series

Consisting of the VTH 100 C, VTH 100 CY, VTH 140 C and the VTH 160 CU, these vertical lathe machines feature table turning diameters of up to 14.000mm with their robust structures, optimised by the FEM (Finite Element Method) system to absorb vibrations of the hydrostatic guideways in the X, Z, Y and C axis. The VTH series features 560x560 ram section and also offer the option of different turning heights of up to 6.800mm. Providing a range of flexible solutions, the VTH series of machines can be configured with fixed or moving crossrail, lathe or milling lathe C-axis and additional extras such as milling heads, measuring systems and tool holders can be added.

Series Specification

Technical specifications Unit VTH 100C VTH 100 CY VTH 160 CU
Table diameter mm 8.000 8.000 8.000
Maximum turning diameter mm 10.000 10.000 16.000
Moving column   - YES YES
'Y' axis   - YES -
'U' axis   - - YES
Maximum load kg 350.000 350.000 350.000
Table speed min-1 50 50 50
Turning power kW 178 178 178
Standard turning height mm 5.000 5.000 5.000
Option of different turning heights mm 5.500/6.000 5.500/6.000 5.500/6.000
RAM section mm x mm 560x560 560x560 560x560
RAM stroke 'Z' axis mm 3.000/3.500 3.000/3.500 3.000/3.500
Min. RAM bore size mm 600 600 600
Milling power kW 63/60 63/60 63/60
Milling head maximum speed min-1 4.500/5.000 4.500/5.000 4.500/5.000
'X', 'Z' working feeds mm/min 10.000 10.000 10.000
Total weight of machine kg 420.000 490.000 490.000